saturday, january 14, 2012
Microsoft OneNote 2010

This week I have been involved in developing a training program for Microsoft OneNote 2010.  Although I've used it in the past to build training manuals, really digging in to the program to be able to test and train on it has provided a new and exciting insite.  

OneNote is a really powerful note and collaboration tool.  Options for sharing via an organization's network or on the web allow easy access for multiple users.  Once installed, you can add pictures or text from any application on your computer.  It also includes power OCR and search funcationality. 

One of my favoite functions, is the ability to be able to click and drag text or objects anywhere on the page.  You are no longer limited to lines or cells, as you are with Word and Excel.  Interested in learning OneNote?  We are scheduling classes now!  Give us a call 231-631-7918 or email: 

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